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The cradle of Ethiopian civilization, one of the four ancient powers of the world, Axum has many remarkable remains that made it to UNESCO World Heritage.

The hottest place on Earth is in Dallol. It's the most hostile place, but a must-see.

Surrounded by magical mountains and tens of rock churches decorated by meaningful religious paintings, Gheralta is a one of rare must-see places on earth.


A chain of 11 medieval period rock-churches forming an amazing roof at ground level curved by king Lalibela.

Kafta-Sheraro Park

Endowed with different animal and plat species, the park is transversed by Tekeze, one the major tributaries of the Nile.

Semien Mountain

The highest peak in Ethiopia, endowed with different wild lives, some of which are endemic is at Semien Mountain.

Travel Far enough, you meet yourself

The world of ancient civilization, the first country to receive Christianity before the Middle East and Islam before the Arabs, the land of origins, the second country to be mentioned many times in the bible, the only country in Africa not colonized, is waiting for you to come by and travel far enough to meet your ancestors, the Lucians.


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